October 13, 2017 Agenda

October 13, 2017

Secretary Report
Treasurer Report
In PayPal: $96.80 FOML now accepting payment from PayPal.


Battle of the Books Book list release date October 20th
Gathering of the Greens
Christmas Walk
Library Requests
We have a fancy AV project in the works and we have spent out our grant money on part of it. We are needing a projector with mount and wireless presenter/laser pointer. Would FOL like to pay for that? It would run about $747 for those items.

We’ve also had some book vendors come to show us their wares lately. If FOL would like to cover some book costs, $200-$300 would be lovely.

Also, we could use a couple more volunteers to hand out candy at our Halloween program on October 24. We have 4 girl scouts coming to help, so 2-3 more volunteers wouldn’t hurt. If they could bring their own candy to hand out, that would be wonderful. Volunteers should be here around 6:45 pm for the trick-or-treat portion of the evening.

I also want to get the word out about Tea 101 hosted by Chocolatea on November 8 at 2pm. We have a signup sheet:
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about tea. ChocolaTea will provide teas and treats. Bring your own tea cup! $5 per person.


  • October: FOL Meeting 13th (Friday the thirteenth, how appropriate.)
  • November: FOL Meeting 10th
  • December: FOL Meeting 8th


  • January: FOL Meeting 12th
  • February: FOL Meeting 9th
  • March: FOL Meeting 9th
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